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Chipsy as a local PepsiCo brand is amongst top brands in Serbia and the biggest player in salty-snack industry. During the years focus was
on ATL and BTL campaigns, therefore CHIPSY did not have any relevant presence in digital world where their TA spend most of their time. Desicion was made, and Chipsy started its journey with Ellecta Digital agency in 2013.


browserAfter short period of time, Chipsy built presence on all relevant social networks with the focus on Facebook as the biggest and the most active social network back in the 2013.

We smartly used presence in offline world and adopted content for TA in digital world. This was not enought and we started producing custom madecontent for TA for all social networks.


From the begining sinergy with the client gave us clear view what is the TA audience of Chipsy brand (age, interest, behavior, etc.) This
was enough to start promoting Chipsy brand with tailor made ads in order to attract new people. 
Just in first two weeks with minimum budget we attracted more than
10.000 people. We realized that Chipsy fans are very active and we gave them reason to engage with us. Very fast we noticed biggest brand ambasador of Chipsy brand. He has page with more than 30.000 people. We combined pages and together after short period of time Chipsy page had 50.000 people. We used this strong base to continue our activities..



browser3Besides the fact that we used different social media channels to promote existing and new products from Chipsy portfolio we also used same channels to see reaction and get feedback from Chipsy fans. Very soon we realized that we can get very fast and concrete feedback when Chipsy launches new product, much faster than usually procedure when company waits for feedback from the field.What is even better, this feedback was in all cases relevant from the bussines side so we conclude that we have right TA and active in the same time.

Also we used facebook applications to increase engagement with our fans. With first 2 applications we had 45.000 active users and 90.000 new fans on the page.



After one year of online activities we consulted brand team to push Chipsy&Messi campaign first online, precisely on Youtube channel. This
was first time that such a strong campaign was launched first in digital world than as a TV campaign. After only a week, Chipsy&Messi video was far the most watched
commercial video in Serbia ever, with more than 500.000 views, totally organic!

21 regional media covered story online and we increased number of fans on Facebook with 30.000 new fans. Upon this huge success we did not stop. Usually companies celebrate
milestones regarding number of fans with classic post but we did something different. We used famous actor Sergej Trifunović as a promo face and together with creative agency made custom video only for Facebook to celebrate 300.000 fans. We reached more than 600.000 people and 30.000 new fans came to Chipsy page.


purifyWe are also tracking new digital trends and upon that we put our focus also on Instagram as a fast growing social media channel in Serbia market and we have plans to use VR in BTL activities. We want to put our 2 way communication with our consumers on a higher level.

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