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Our commerce marketers help retailers achieve top-line and bottom-line growth by driving and converting highly relevant traffic from owned, paid and earned media

Conversion focused marketing, driven by data

Here’s what we’ve learned during more than a decade of running our e-commerce marketing practice across different markets – the only metric that really matters over the long term is visitors-to-customers ratio.

If that metric is broken, it either means that you’re burning ad budgets by putting your digital store in front of the wrong audience, or that you’re burning opportunity by not being able to properly assist your visitors with making a purchasing decision. In the worst of cases, its a combination of both and unfortunately we see it happening more often than you would expect.

In response to this ever growing challenge, back in 2006 we’ve established a dedicated Commerce Marketing Team with the goal of optimizing visitor-to-customer ratios for forward thinking companies looking for online revenue growth. Ever since, we’re helping companies around the globe to define and execute holistic, inclusive and effective e-commerce marketing strategies driven by data and detailed audience insights.

We develop a deep understanding of who your potential buyers are, what digital channels do they use for making purchase decisions and what information they would like to see while searching for products or services they are interested in buying. With that client specific understanding, we define the most suitable mix of traffic generating activities necessary for attract your audience via different digital channels (organic search, paid search, referrals, email, earned media, owned media, social media, etc)

As soon as the right audience is on board, we make sure that their attention gets properly funneled towards making a purchase decision. We make this happen by implementing website usability improvements, offering relevant and valuable content (e-books, whitepapers, blogs, infographics, videos), using analytics to optimize landing pages for conversion, remarketing, automations and other actions needed to help you convert.

Organic Search

Organic traffic from Google, Bing and relevant local search engines

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PPC & Social

Paid traffic from Search Engines, Marketplace Ads, Social Media

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Performance Display

Data-driven, programmatic display placements and remarketing

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Marketing Automation

Direct marketing powered by behavioral customer segmentation

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Conversion Optimization

Test driven CRO approach based on analytics data and UI improvements

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