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Approach that sets us apart

We think and operate as a natural extension of your team, bringing on board years of expertise and our unique working methodology called TeaCup

01 think.

We believe that in life, but especially in marketing, good planning is halfway to success. This is why before starting a campaign our people devote their time to brainstorm and streamline our creative ideas into well-structured project plans.

02 establish.

With the right plan in place, our goal is to make sure that all envisaged digital assets get produced in quality and style one would expect from a top tier agency. We pay great attention to details, usability and the choice of technology behind the show.

03 attract.

All digital content needs a bit of initial boost in order to get discovered. Our role in this part of the process is to put you in touch with the right target group by deploying a mix of paid, organic and viral marketing across different channels, platforms and devices.

04 convert.

As soon as first visitors start getting on-board, a group of dedicated professionals within the agency will focus on converting them to customers, leads, subscribers, participants, followers or almost anything else that the goal of your campaign may be.

05 upgrade.

We heavily rely on data, behavioral analytics and number crunching to analyze the performance of our efforts and measure it in terms of meaningful KPIs. Creative thinking and the use data help us set analytical grounds for new ideas worth trying.

06 purify.

We regularly analyze results in order to derive conclusions that are then used as new inputs to purify the strategy going forward. Once filtered to include only proven winner ideas, the process can start all over again with another teacup.

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